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Humans on the Marshes – The Thames Estuary

This work is from 2011 – 2018. The location is the Thames estuary – Historically the Thames is how people from Europe came to London, its more than just a river and has been one of the most important trading points in the world. It’s an area of docks, farmland and Industry that attracts people for all over Europe.

The first picture I took for this project was on the Hoo Peninsular, it’s close to London but so remote, the thing that struck me was the nature. It had a presence, the smells from the salt marsh, the wind from the sea, the sun, the birds – it felt wild, exposed, open.

I was standing in front of an old farm building and I could imagine the lives that had been lived there, I could see traces from the wars in Europe, the river with a containership connecting London with Europe and the rest of the World. It was like I could see the history, the past and the present all from one spot.

The project has been shot on film using a 54 field camera. The camera can be slow and requires great concentration, but it also gives me time to engage with the subject, it gives me time to connect.

Humans on the Marshes - encounters along the Thames Estuary
Humans on the Marshes - encounters along the Thames Estuary