Take it slow – Sustainable Mallorca — Info

Commissioned by Scandinavian Traveller to explore sustainable tourism in Mallorca.

I travelled all over this beautiful island with writer Isabelle Kliger. We met some fantastic people truly devoted to a sustainable way of living and we learnt so much about the effort that is involved in farming ecologically and the benefits in doing so.

“For us, it was a question of values – we simply believed it was the right thing to do, as a result, our oranges and lemons are sweeter and tastier, and far more nutritious.” – Sebastiana Massanet, Ecovinyassa organic orange and lemon farm.

“We need to work with nature, not against it. By producing the best quality, tastiest grapes without any pesticides, we’re also maintaining the richness of our soil, increasing the quantity of organic material and minimizing erosion. It’s all about respect for the product, the environment and our customers,” – Mesquida Mora, Mesquida Mora organic winery.

“When you use herbicides and pesticides for short- term productivity, it ruins the biodiversity of the soil, resulting in a fruit weak in minerals and nutrition. But we’re not here for the short-term gains, we’re in it for the long haul,” – Carlos Feliu, Son Naava organic olive grove.

“In Mallorca, we’ve slowly allowed our culinary heritage to be eroded by tourist culture. We’re trying to rediscover our roots – preparing honest food, based on the recipes and ingredients that are indigenous to our land,” – Chef Maria Solivellas, Ca na Toneta restaurant.

“Compare the taste explosion of an organic tomato with one from the supermarket. The latter has no smell, no flavour, no acidity, no sweetness, and, most likely, a fraction of the nutrients of a natural tomato. People come to my restaurant for the quality and flavor of the food I serve,” – Nico Gago Aubert, owner and chef at Es Taller restaurant.